31 July 2006

Lebanese blog, and Militech lubricant


Lebanese milbloggers. Very interesting stuff.

It was brought to my attention in the comment section that by TM, Militech is not authorized on US Army small arms either.

Technically true. PM-Small Arms and PS Monthly have both denounced the use of militech lubricants on small arms, only authorized lube is CLP, blahblahblah. However, militech is in the supply system. Militech is a superior product to CLP, and no one has ever dared to even imply that Militech damages weapon systems. Same with GPL. I think PM-Small Arms is getting kickbacks from the CLP manufacturers. There's no other explanation.

Militech contains some sort of detergent-like stuff which helps break up carbon (better than CLP ever did). It also can be wiped off of a weapon and leaves a very light film which allows the weapon to continue to operate as if completely lubed without collecting excessive dust like CLP does. It's the best thing since sliced bread.

As a side note, PM-Small Arms (that's Project Manager) and PS Monthly also discourage the use of Q-tips.


Blogger AnokaRight said...

It is usally some DAC who is a retiree that has "that's the way we always did it" attitude.


9:29 PM  

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