22 July 2006

Bullying gets the job done

The CH-53 sucks. Everything I hate about a C-130, plus noise and shaking and odd smells. No upside. Took a CH-53 to Ramadi, and basically got greeted with,

"Welcome back. We're missing 2 PLGRs. Can you find them?"

So a couple minutes of detective work later, I tracked down the NCO who had charge of the Soldiers who signed for them. So I gave a little spiel about how the chain of command was pinging off the walls and I'd hate to see a Soldier have to pay for these things, but I've got hand reciepts. Very polite, and more in sorrow than anger, but leaving no doubt that I was issueing threats.

Sure enough, an hour later I had the items in question.

On the plus side, while I was gone, my air conditioner got replaced. It's now downright cold in my arms room.

I've almost got my personal laptop up and running, but I'm having fits because it just doesn't want to acknowledge any sound devices at all, not even the internal speakers, never mind the sound card. I hope it's just a driver issue.


Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...

I love you and miss you.

I'm sad today for some reason, and getting out of bed is getting harder again.

Wish you were here.

Love you.

6:40 PM  

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