21 June 2006

Eternal Memory

PFC Kristian Menchaca

PFC Thomas L. Tucker

Sleep well, brothers.

Know that you will never be forgotten by those of us who are your comrades, your friends, your family.

Know that you will be avenged a hundred times over.

Know that you have not died in vain.

To the perverted little cowards who chose to abuse, torture, and murder my brothers,

Know that we are coming for you.

To their friends and supporters, including those who choose to hide under the cloak of American civil liberties, two things.

Know what it is you support.

Know that your day will come as well.



Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...

To absent comrades.

Thank you for this, John.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Don Cox said...

We all owe those two guys a great debt. The best thing we can do in their memory is to resist being dragged down to the level of the terrorists. It is so tempting to want to torture those who tortured our men, but we must behave as civilised people should. Otherwise, the terrorists have won. ___The only practical way to stop these terrorists is to kill them, but it should be done as quickly and painlessly as possible. We did not torture Zarqawi, and that was right. I do not agree with those who said they hoped he suffered before he died, or they hoped he wnt to some mythical "Hell". He stopped existing. That is enough. Now some more of his gang need to stop existing, before they torture any more people (Iraqis or Americans).

3:43 PM  

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