13 June 2006

Finally left the wire

I went out today as crew on the 1SG's truck. Routine run, nothing happened. We took the safe route which doesn't run through downtown Ramadi. Lots of brown. Tal Afar actually had some scenery but this place is a dump. I'd be angry if I had to live here too.

I had a throbbing headache when we got back, but it seems to be gone now.

Not much exciting going on here right now. The Radio Tango, wherein multiple radios were unaccounted for is pretty much over. Turns out that the last one has been in the TOC the whole time. Like I TOLD EVERYONE. I need a vacation. Tentatively, that will be next month.

Oh, and the TOC NIPR computer is missing the spacebar. I'm pressing the little spot where the key pushed in. This would not impair many people, but I can actually type. That was the single most useful thing I learned in High School.


Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...

Did you run away?

Love you!

8:58 PM  
Blogger AnokaRight said...

Sounds like a Kevlar induced headache.


6:47 PM  

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