28 May 2006

Things I Hate

OK, I'm feeling highly cranky right now. So let me present my list of top ten things I don't want to hear. Ever. Especially from civilians.

10) You have a relative in the military. That's nice, as far as it goes, I don't mind it. That statement alone doesn't make the list. What makes the list is the follow-up, "Do you know so and so?" Please don't ask me if I know him or her unless you have a real reason to believe I might. Iraq is a big place, the military as a whole is bigger. I don't know your nephew in the Marine Corps in Ramadi, or your daughter in the Air Force in Minot, North Dakota.

9) Any comparison what so ever between Iraq and Vietnam, other than that they are both nations in Asia that smell funny.

8) Any attack on the Bush administration for not adequately equipping the military, or for having too small a military. Unless you lobbied your Congressman back in the goddamn 1980s to jack up military budgets, and wrote letters to the editor all through the Clinton years as budgets were slashed, and then called the White House regularly before 9/11 asking why they weren't buying additional sets of IBA and other goodies, piss off. You were damned happy to watch successive administrations slash our budget when your particular feet weren't being held to the fire of reality. We have a heavily-equipped, highly-trained military, and it doesn't miraculously re-equip itself overnight, nor increase in size rapidly. The time to prepare for a war is BEFORE the damn thing starts, but as usual the Soldier is paying the price for political short-sightedness.

7) Any statement describing me or mine as either ignorant, or to much of a loser to do anything except Soldier. That may be true for Marines. And we have our ignorant jackasses and terminal losers like any job. But we make fun of them in house, try to correct their ways, and in the last resort, cut them loose to sink or swim with the rest of you damned civilians. You aren't family, you aren't entitled to comment.

6) Anything you heard on the news. It's a either an error of fact, or some ignorant reporter's spin on something he doesn't understand.

5) Your opinion on whether or not we should have invaded Iraq. Too frickin' late. More than three years too late. Sod off. We did it, and it isn't affecting your life in any way whatsoever. I live with the consequences of that decision.

4) The reason you aren't in the military. Flat feet, incurable cowardice, it doesn't matter a good Goddamn to me.

4a) A statement to the effect that you couldn't deal with people telling you what to do. Batshit. 99.99999%+ of the population of the United States has a job that includes a supervisor who did less to earn his rank than any NCO or officer, probably has less of a clue, and tells you do to stupid shit that you don't argue with except behind his back. And most of y'all suck it up for the mere motivation of money. You didn't swear any oath to obey lawful orders, it isn't criminal to tell your boss to piss off. You crawl before the altar of the almighty dollar and would eat feces if that was what it took. Don't tell me what you couldn't deal with.

3) Pity. For any reason. Don't tell me you feel bad for me, or I'll probably punch you.

2) any statement containing the word "hero". I know you mean well. But it just ain't true.

1) I support the troops--I want them all home, now. Batshit.


Blogger Aramis said...

Well said, mate.

ON a slightly different note, I apologize for taking so long to catch up with you. I haven't had a chance to really go back and read my flist until recently.

As always, if there is anything I can do for you, let me know.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous nerdasaaurus said...

How about "We love you guys, the work you do, and wish you could come home but understand the mission isn't done yet, SO KEEP YOUR ASS LOW"? Does that work?

And when we see Code Pink doing their thing, we won't knife them (as richly deserved as that might be). Instead, we'll make another donation to Soldiers Angels and pray for your safety.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous john_of_arabia said...

Rock it, sapper! All true.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous cMAD said...

Ah, here you're hiding!

I see you're as foul-mouthed as ever. So I figure you're doing ok.

Nice to know.

Greetings from the other .00001% !

cMAD <- Now, today, we're going to do marching up and down the square! That is, unless any of you got anything better to do. Well?! Anyone got anything they'd rather be doing than marching up and down the square?! Yes?! Atkinson. What would you... rather be doing, Atkinson?

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the question/questions Did you get to see any action over there or Did you get to kill any one,How did that feel ?

Those drive me mad when some drunk will ask them

8:40 PM  

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