24 June 2006

Nerve Gas and other fun toys.


I now await with bated breath for the avalance of stories in the media wherein the existence of the "missing" WMD is trumpeted, along with sheepish retractions of the hate-filled personal attacks on George Bush and his honesty.

Wake me up when it happens.


Anonymous nerdasaaurus said...

I heard Santorum call in to Hannity's show on this issue earlier this week where he announced this. I think his main point is NOT that approximately 500 shells have been found, but WTF are the others? There are undoubtedly thousands of others, but until they can be SECURED and/or destroyed, these will never be acknowledged. If AQ gets their hands on 'em, whaddaya wanna bet the first time we know about it is when they are released at a NASCAR race?

The Iraqis fired 15 mustard gas shells at a Kurdish village in 1991 and killed around 3000 people. That tells me that each shell killed about 200 people. The fact that ~500 shells have been secured means that ~100,000 people will NOT die of poison gas.

GWB has taken a lot of political heat for this. He gets credit for sitting on this story for as long as he has.

8:30 AM  

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