19 January 2007


Annual Gauging went off without a major hitch yesterday. I looked at 160 or so weapons, with two guys from 501st FSB Small Arms shop. We tracked down everyone, including the major who got out of the meeting as we were finishing it up, the guy who works at the Post Office, and so on and so forth.

Every single weapon got gauged. I almost keeled over at the end of the day. The run up for the past couple days has been stupidly stressful, helped only by the Fraternal Order of Armorers hooking me up. I brought up a couple of weapons by horsetrading with C/9th Engineer's armorer. Of course, I ended up giving him a couple footlockers of parts we aren't redeploying with. I'm pretty much wiping out the bench stock because I just don't need it.

I've got a tentative flight date, which will put me in Kuwait for Jen's feast day, but Germany by my birthday. That is of course, written in smoke.

I'm looking forward to this whole redeployment thang on one hand, and totally stressed about the work needed to get there from here.


Anonymous atomsappertom said...

Written in smoke. . . . yeah, it's about like that. Semper Gumbi, time spent in transit and holding during redeployment is given full faith and credit when charged against your sentence in Purgatory.

Going to GI? I know a certain someone is just about autorotating herself into the ceiling with preparations for travel.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous nerdasaaurus said...

I know how anxiously you want to return to be with Jen--to get out of the sandpit. But politically, the Prez wants to "surge" 20,000 troops or so. The fastest way to put that many boots on the ground is to delay the return plans of troops already there. That probably means you and 19,999 close friends of you. Though I'm more than certain you have been briefed on this.

So what happens if your return is postponed for 6 months?

Other than the fact that the suckage returns, that is.

On an entirely unrelated note, the Christmas present I sent you back in October was returned. Can you send your current snail mail addy to my email? seevail "at" airmail dot net.

4:08 PM  
Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...

Do you want me to change my flight?

4:30 PM  

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