12 January 2007

Grey Day

Raining pretty much all day. No playing with power tools.

Jen's schedule changed and I didn't get a chance to talk to her.

I had a mission and was up to 0100 last night. Still woke up and went to work 'on time' this AM.

Sick as a dog past couple days--mostly just nausea and whatnot, real lowgrade stuff.

Today has been a pretty crap day overall.

Redeemed at the tail end of it by a good conversation with a buddy of mine. He's having, erm, relational issues and. . . well, it's hard to explain. Good kid, but young. I see some of myself in him, in a way.

And I find that no matter how bleak my mood is, I'm cheered by talking about Jen, or reading her LJ, or whatever other way I can connect with her in some way.

I need to go home.


Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...

I'm sorry that we missed each other. I miss talking to you, and wish that I'd been able to.

Please, if the nausea and stuff doesn't get better, go to sick call. (That's not a suggestion.)

Did you see what I made?

2:00 AM  

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