15 January 2007

Pet Peeve

Anyone who for any cause uses a cute, but difficult to read, font should be tortured to death and left to feed the ravens.

Especially if it happens to be SMALL, cute, and difficult to read.

Other than that, I like Glutter of Ravens, which is a wargame ruleset intended for British civil wars AD 400-700. You can also run Saxon, Irish, or Pictish armies if you want to.

I've been busy, but with mostly pretty mundane stuff lately.

A Green Beans Coffee has opened up here. They have what they call a MOAC, or Mother of All Coffees, which is something like 3 cups of coffee and three shots of expresso. I think. It rocks.


Blogger sophia said...

Hi John,
I'd like you to read my latest post and hear your take.
God bless.

6:23 PM  

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