22 November 2007


Let me say once and for all:

It does not make any sense to me why on earth I turn on the radio and hear some idiot pontificating against Barack Obama because he admitted being a 'goof off' in high school who drank and used drugs.

I think Obama would be a lousy president. But that is 100% due to the fact that I have overwhelming contempt for his foreign policy, not what he did years ago when a stupid, confused kid.

Some people's priorities are screwed up. There is too much of real importance happening in the world for this crap to be noticed.

I bet most folks missed this story. Undoubtedly it will eventually be spun as the United State's negative impact on the Iraqi Emergency Services sector, just like the gravedigger story.

Meanwhile, Congress can't pass an appropriations bill for us. 'Us' being the Defense Department, of course. This is going to Suck. No so much for me--they Have to pay me. But I really don't think yanking funding out from under the DoD is the brightest thing the Congresscritters have done lately. We'll see how it gets worked out. I'm betting on an eleventh-hour compromise done without any fanfare which quietly gives George Bush his way .


How about another non-story? There are people out there who vocally insist that the rest of the world views us as evil war-mongers and that electing George Bush was bad for our economy, primarily our tourism sector. Another myth debunked by the good folks out at the Democracy Project. I love the internet. It's the only way outright lies spread by those who sympathize with the enemy can be stopped.

One story which actually is a story revolves around Pasadena Texas, where a proper Texan used a shotgun to explain the concept of property rights to two scumbags who have a record of ignoring niceties like legal ownership. They did not survive the discussion. Hoo-friggin-ya, Mr. Horn. If I were your neighbor, I'd be covering as much of your legal fees as I could afford. This is what made America great, and the main reason I'm glad I don't live in some Blue State with gun laws which would prohibit Mr. Horn owning a shotgun or using it to defend life and property.


Blogger Tim Covington said...

I completely agree with people paying attention to the wrong stories. Especially when it comes to why to vote for who. People should make their decisions based on voting records, not on high school behavior or what someone did or did not dow 30 years ago.

5:16 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Mr. Obama does not get my vote because he scares me almost as much as the Dem frontrunner does. The only viable candidate the Dems could have who would get my vote would be Joe Lieberman. He is wrong on so many things, but two of them aren't his foreign or military policies.

We (barely) survived WJC's presidency. It would almost be worth seeing her get the job just to hear them introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Presidents Clinton. Her getting second billing would stick in her craw.

9:46 AM  

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