04 November 2007

Supporting the Troops, Liberal (and Libertarian) Style, and More.

There's an interesting photo essay up at zombietime. Yes, I know it is San Francisco. Yes, I know SF has far more burnt-out hippies than the average conglomeration of leftists can boast. But really?

Between the lunatics, the Ron Paul supporters, conspiracy theorists, and the communists, I didn't see any photos of the sort of person that allegedly makes up the mass of the anti-war movement. This mythical beast "supports the troops" (in some vague ill-defined way) and loves our country and doesn't support al-Qaeda (or Hamas) and dislikes Bush but doesn't have the temerity to compare him to Hitler. Yeah, whatever. I guess all those folks have jobs and don't have time to go to demonstrations.

My vote for Most Unclear on the Concept goes to the "Queers for Palestine". Nothing says 'clueless' like a bunch of gays agitating in support of folks who think queers should be stoned to death and otherwise persecuted. How about we cut out the middleman and just stone them to death in San Francisco? That would be terribly progressive.

Meanwhile in Real News, Karbala Province was transferred to Iraqi control. Bet you didn't know that? The only network that mentioned it at all was Fox News. Good think I get my news from bloggers who get it from the real source. For those keeping score at home, that's 8 out of 18. Not quite halfway there.

Tony Snow addressed the issues with the media and what it chooses to cover and how it is covered during an acceptance speech for an award. How much coverage did his speech get in the MSM, I wonder?

Well, granted, they had the junior Senator from New York to cover (and her mocking by Guiliani), and to their credit her utter inability to answer a question with a 'yes' or a 'no' was featured at least in some venues. I'd like to see some real questions lobbed at her soon, and I hope it will happen before she gets her party's nomination. Yanno, if this is the best the Democrats can do, and this country is stupid enough to elect her, I'm buying the reloading equipment and a huge stack of 5.56mm brass and primers.

Especially if Guiliani is her opponent.


Blogger Charles said...

I know I've had this discussion with other troops before (my favorite XO, for example) but San Francisco as a whole represents a leftward shift of the entire political spectrum. A moderate in San Francisco would be a liberal anywhere else. A liberal in SF is, well, way out there. Hell, a San Francisco conservative is a moderate in most of the country.

That a protest like this took place, with that kind of folks present, is utterly unsurprising.

That being said, remember that San Francisco also spawned Protest Warrior. And SF isn't representative of the rest of the Bay Area, let alone the state.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Tim Covington said...

I agree with Charles. I have a couple of friends who, in Texas, are considered tree hugging hippy liberals. In San Francisco they were called right wing fascists.

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Bill McD said...

Honestly, I don't think she's the best the Democrats can do. I'm not sure who is, just now, but it's not her. And again, remember that at this time four years ago, Dean was the presumptive coron-ee. Don't sell the process short, even if all the state primaries/caucuses SHOULD be held on the same day (mutter).

On the other hand, I wouldn't fault you for stocking up... especially, as you said, if Benito Guiliani is her opponent.

7:20 PM  
Blogger sophia said...

any worthy opponents so far in your opinion?

3:21 PM  

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