22 September 2007

Medical Hiatus

As many of you know, on Wednesday, I had PRK performed at Darnell Army Medical Center.

PRK is a procedure intended to correct both my nearsightedness and astigmatism, and involves removing the top layer of the cornea with a rotating brush and firing a laser to reshape the rest of the cornea. As near as can be judged, two days after the surgery, everything went well and my vision has been corrected. However, the resulting trauma to my cornea makes it nearly impossible to focus on small objects.

For instance, letters. Or keys. Or buttons.

Therefor, I can neither read articles on the internet, nor see the screen clearly enough to type. Hence, I will be taking a medical hiatus from this blog for no less than a week, and hopefully not more than two or three weeks. Even this post is being done by dictation, for which I am grateful to my lovely, talented, sexy and wonderful wife.

(Note from the above mentioned wife: I really didn't add any of those descriptives. Personally, I blame the hyperbole on the Vicodin. I am typing this, as he talks, but the rest of that? Heh.)

I will be focusing on activities which require much less attention to fine detail and visual acuity, such as wrestling with my dog and laying about on the couch drinking coffee while putting frozen peas on my eyes. They make excellent icepacks for oddly-shaped body parts as regular ice cubes would be too large to fit in the eye sockets.

If there is anything that requires my immediate attention, please email my lovely wife at soldier dot grrrl at gmail dot com.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jen, you're not in a good position to observe yourself. John is. Smile and agree with him. :-)


6:16 PM  
Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...

Thanks, hon. He does make me smile, a lot.

And I know he thinks I am all that and a box of Twinkies. It's a good feeling.

1:14 AM  
Anonymous montieth said...

You could make like the Duke in Big Jake and play with shotguns....

Get focused soon!

10:00 AM  

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