15 September 2007

General Petraeus, Canes, and Assorted Oddities

First, on the subject of General Petraeus.

Everyone in the Free World is aware of the fact that moveon.org has accused General Petraeus, in a full page ad in the New York Times, of a significant number of criminal actions, to wit

Failure to obey order or regulation
False Statements
Conduct unbecoming a commissioned officer and a gentleman

What may not be as well known is the fact that the New York Times offered a steep discount--well over $100,000 to Moveon.org. I'm surprised that the NYT demanded any money--such outrageous defamation of character is standard operating procedure on the editorial page for those who dare to defy the NYT's chosen stance on the war in Iraq. The American Spectator notes that the NYT routinely refuses to run ads for conservative groups at any price, much less a discount. Perhaps the most interesting point on this whole thing was brought out by a livejournal writer of my acquaintance, rjlippincott, who observes that to a non-lawyer, that looks an awful lot like something that under McCain-Feingold rules, is a contribution to a Political Action Committee. And hence illegal. Frankly, violations of the McCain-Feingold BCRA don't bother me deeply, since the whole thing is a violation of Constitutional principles of Free Speech. However, the New York Times has a consistent editorial policy in favor of McCain-Feingold and similar "campaign finance reform". As usual for the American Left, the rules are for those masses of smelly Red-State heathens, the Truly Enlightened may dispense with such trivialities.

Or, some pigs are more equal than others.

Meanwhile, in Real News, Sheikh Abdul Sattar al Rishawi was killed in Ramadi a few days ago. He was the leader of the Sons of al-Anbar, described as Iraq's most important man and a potential savior of Iraq. Even the NYT had to acknowledge his impact.

I served in Ramadi during my last tour, and I cannot overstate the impact the al-Anbar Awakening had in the area. When we got there in June, Anbar was the wild west, the most dangerous city in the world. Everyone knew it, and we weren't sure we were going to make a difference short of blowing the city up. When we left, our brigade commander described Ramadi as an 'unconsolidated victory'--in other words, about like Tal Afar was when we took it over from 3rd ACR that January.

Canes. I happen to like canes. At DragonCon I picked up a cheapo cane from a vendor just because I thought it went with the hat I was wearing all weekend. I rather enjoyed carrying it, and Jen said it was like having a tail--my mood showed in how I carried it. :) So I was interested when I caught a compliment on my last post from a Lady (in the classic sense of the word) who used a cane to good effect. It's also an interesting diversion on how interconnections on the internet work. She reads Lawdog as does her new husband. Lawdog mentions canes, hubby links to her story about being assaulted and defending herself with the cane. Lawdog features her experience and his comments on the incident in a post. My lovely and talented wife reads Lawdog daily, whereas I have time only on weekends to do serious blog-reading. She hops over to Jenna's blog post on the incident, and not only comments on the well-deserved whupping Jenna delivered (my Beloved having a warm fuzzy for women who stick up for themselves, as do I), but at the homemade skirt which inspired Inbred Specimen to begin the incident (my Beloved having a warm fuzzy for sewing as well). She clicks on links, wondering who this sewing enthusiast is, and eventually finds my humble outpost. So I, being curious about this new reader and being pointed to the Lawdog post by my Beloved, find myself at Naturally Nerds, which looks interesting enough to read regularly. So it will be replacing the now-defunct Army Lawyer in the blogroll when I get around to updating that.

As a side note, Cold Steel (the link under the word 'canes' above) makes some pretty pointy things. I have an SRK knife that I acquired through the Army supply system which is my primary blade when I am carrying a knife openly--which is generally in the field and in combat. My everyday concealed blade is a Gerber folder which I have a sentimental attachment to, as it has been to war with me twice.

Finally three oddities I haven't got the time, expertise, or inclination to analyze in depth (match the excuse to the article for extra credit).

Catching terrorists on the internet.

Iraqi Politicians coming to Washington.

and finally,

Tigerhawk all but accuses Ted Kennedy of being a shill for Saddam Hussein. Which, if I thought there was any level of sleaze any Kennedy wouldn't dip down to, I would not find credible.


Blogger Mark said...

I have a Cold Steel City Stick. It is a sweet bit of weaponry.

I prefer my triple grip custom combat cane though. It's oak, with nice hook that comes to a point.


I like having a nice solid, three foot length of oak to carry around.

4:49 AM  
Anonymous cMAD said...

Do you have to be a Marine NCO to carry a swagger stick?

4:11 PM  

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