16 August 2007

Three Articles

Left-wing thoughts on gun control.

Right-wing thoughts on gun control.

Notice the difference?

Which one cites case law, the Founding Fathers, recent studies on the subject, and time-honored tradition?

Which one is shotgun emoting and sweeping generalizations?

Thinking people cannot be persuaded by Sarah Brady and her ilk.

Interesting article on use of indig forces. Including 'turned' insurgents/terrorists. I like it. It lines up with what I have read on the subject elsewhere.

I've been working too much to do serious blogging lately. Teaching Driver's training is all-consuming.

I'm somewhat amused by the lack of response to some of my latest articles. Although it does continue a trend I first observed on Livejournal.

No one EVER argues with me when I quote the Quran. Reality is that people who have a warm and fuzzy opinion of Islam either have never read it, or skipped over all the killing stuff. I have yet to have someone argue the black and white of the text. It is Received Truth on the Left that anyone who disapproves of Islam is "obviously" ignorant of how wonderful Islam really is. My current theory is that Leftists can't see posts where this Received Truth is refuted.


Blogger dracphelan said...

Well, having lived in Saudi Arabia for two years, you will never see me argue about it. Islamic fanatics (like most other fanatics) are extremely dangerous.

I heard a great comment on opposing gun control. "It's not about guns. It's about freedom."

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Bill McD said...

As you know, I am a liberal. I am also a strong proponent of gun control. I believe gun control is one of the fundamental and core issues we face as a people, and many of the potential dangers and crises we face with regard to violence on the streets would be lessened with strict gun control laws.

A pair of cops putting 42 shots downrange at a guy reaching for his wallet? Definitely a gun control issue. If there were stronger gun control, they never would have fired that many times.

Gun Control means hitting what you aim at.

And yes, I'm a New York Liberal. Many of my liberal friends own weapons. The most liberal fellow I've ever known literally had, last time I saw him, 3 walls of rifles and a 5' tall file cabinet filled with pistols.

Please do remember that not all of the Left belongs to the Scared Victim Society. Thank you.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Bill McD said...

As far as your quoting the Quran goes... no, I don't intend to attempt to claim the book doesn't say what it says. Just like I don't claim to say Leviticus doesn't say what it says about owning slaves, treatment of women, eating things like pork, cheeseburgers, etc.

The text is the text. The faith is the modern interpretation of the text, and while the muslims I have known have cheerfully acknowledged (as have the jews I've known) that parts of a text written hundreds of years ago obviously have little or no bearing on the world they live in today (though obviously, others do in broad strokes), I am not going to attempt to tell you that the muslims you have known, especially in parts of the world I've never been to, must feel the same way.

You have firsthand experience with people that I do not. Why would I refute that?

11:13 AM  
Anonymous auxdarastrix said...

bill_mcd, from where I'm sitting, you are sounding more and more "moderate" or "centre-left" and not what I would call Left (or at least not Left with a capital L). But I guess that's just a matter of perspective and semantics.

4:30 PM  
Blogger James said...

I typically don't respond to your posts because I hate posting "ditto"... Or if there's stuff I want to discuss more, it's not appropriate for an insecure forum, or is just a subject better handled face to face.

Oh, asked in Jen's LJ, do you have a kilt? If not, snag one, there's a party at DragonCon you probably want to be at.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Bill McD said...


Well, I believe strongly in universal healthcare and social welfare, primarily as a response to the blatant failure of the government to prevent, and protect its citizens from, the 'aristocracy of corporations', as Jefferson put it.

I also feel the federal government has a responsibility to protect the individual from discrimination by others based on ephemera which do not represent that individual's ability, intent, or efforts to be a productive and contributing member of society, to wit: gender, race, religion, sexual orientation.

I believe the government needs to recognize that there are significant sections of peoples' lives where the government has no place intervening, where the purpose of the government is to provide the background environment that allows people to make an informed decision, not an overbearing hand that tells them what decisions they're allowed to make.

Economically, I believe the government has a responsibility to protect its citizens, and to draw heavier shares of its revenue from those who benefit more heavily from the environment it provides. I believe corporations are not, and should not be, legally given the rights of beings, and that measures such as minimum wage laws are more beneficial to the economy than harmful.

I also believe in the rights of the individual to keep and bear arms, be they longarms, shortarms, blades, bows, or missile launchers. A large chunk of the 2nd Amendment's purpose was to provide the citizenry the means to oppose the military might of the an oppressive domestic government. If a private citizen isn't allowed to own weaponry capable of doing that, the intended protections of the 2nd are infringed upon.

11:22 AM  

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