28 July 2007

Oh, Wow. What a freakin' week.

During the week, I (having a full-time-and-then-some job training snot-nosed privates) have little time to follow the blogosphere, media, and other nonsense.

First off, we have Retard of the Week, Private Beauchamp, a stunning specimen who proves the truism that even pond scum can make it through Basic Training if they try hard enough to hide their real nature.

He's been debunked, lambasted, and torn to pieces. It's been revealed that the main reason he was published is that he's married to a writer at New Republic, and "Franklin Foer Doesn't Want To Tell TNR Staffer Elspeth Reeve Her Husband Is A Liar". Of course some folks on the Left can't accept that he's a liar. . . But there are folks who discuss this better than I can.

His motives?

In his own words,

I’m Scott Beauchamp, in the army, living in Germany, and this is my life, and I’m going to be treated like shit today and do landscaping and janitorial work and practice killing people and there could be no other way to appreciate what I had or what I’m going to have once I get out other than enduring this now when all I really want to do is teach history and lay around and read and hustle around and repair the world (tikkun olam) and sift through knowledge and improve culture and learn how to sail and work in soup kitchens and start a family and really, I mean REALLY study the best the western civilization has to offer and facilitiate the mystery and power through everything I do, but I cant do it without getting through this army experience first, which will add a legitimacy to EVERYTHING i do afterwards, and totally bolster my opinions on defense, etc, and of course its making me a lot less lazy, just because im not use to being lazy any more, etc

ill return to america an author
bavarian stories in some sort of rounded metaphysical order...personality death stories intersecting with poesy home memory reflections. You begin with a place and an action and let it carry in every direction till the words are vibrating on the page, dripping in thick robust delapidated barnhouses of adjectives and pronouns...no time for the subtle gray faced calculations of a PERFORMED intimacy...go...but remember what Kerouac forgot: revision is spontaneous also.
a brief coming back to america introduction, stories about soldiers, prositutes, innocent students rendered featherless by dark rivets of experience and the decadence of human pursuits in every vein...and then there's the veins...follow 'em.

He now has the undivided attention of his First Sergeant, who is a scary-looking mo' fo' if I do say so myself.

JD Johannes, AFAIK the first person to pin down his unit precisely, points out the real tragedy of this story, that it obscures the heroism and honorable service of the Soldiers out there fighting the fight without attention-seeking fictions.

I can't imagine one of my Soldiers pulling a stunt like this. However, he's garbage. He's a PV2, according to AKO (invariably accurate--it pulls data from the pay system) but was, in September, a PFC.

Translation for the military-impaired? Before this whole thing blew up, he had already gotten in enough trouble to get busted once.

No big thing--everyone I know who's worth anything has gotten busted before, to include myself. But this, combined with the drivel from his blog pins him down perfectly for me. A Soldier who is convinced he is Special, smarter than anyone else, better, by virtue of his political beliefs or education or alleged writing talent (I can at least spell mostly correctly, use mostly standard grammar, and punctuate). He feels unappreciated for his obvious genius, and engages in attention-seeking behaviors to compensate.

In other words, nice blog, shame about your penis.

Meanwhile, Jack "Semper I" Murtha lies, evades, and insults the father of a Marine who was charged with murder in Haditha, but whose case has been dismissed.

Ward Churchill is suing because he got fired for academic dishonesty, plagarism, etc. As a progressive once told me in regards to Rush Limbaugh, Freedom of Speech is not a guarantee that one will be paid for using one's speech. I guess Ward never got that memo.

Remember the Lancet study? I didn't buy it then. A couple (flaming liberal anti-war) folks tried to tell me that the statistical methods were impeccable, but apparently David Kane disagrees. A lot.

Mike Yon has a look inside some TOCs.

Finally, a lot of folks have been blogging about Diyala Province and the spread of an Anbar-style Awakening. The Stars and Stripes is reporting a formal agreement along those lines. This is how lasting peace will be achieved.


Blogger Maserati said...

Say, wasn't he supposed to report incidents like that to his chain of command ? I've forgotten what little I learned about the UCMJ from watching JAG, but isn't failure to report war crimes or deviant behavior a chargeable offense in its own right ?

This is probably one of those situations where your CO calls you into his office, sits and just looks at you for 10 minutes and then dismisses you.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Is there any chance you can send his 1st SGT a message and tell him that "I" at least am glad he and the men he shepherds and leads are there and I do not think the conduct of that lying piece of excrement represents the rest of the men with him.


9:07 AM  
Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...


There are tons of emails flooding into that unit, and I know that 1SG Hatley can't read all of them, but a few stating that message have gotten through.

Let the furor die down for a while, and then try it. (His brigade PAO section has *got* to want to get this little weasel in a room with baseball bats, but I digress.)

4:08 PM  
Blogger Maserati said...

Just so long as the PAO guys follow the procedures in FM 22-102 everything should be fine.

7:13 PM  
Blogger A Soldier's Girl said...


They will, after they get done editing it, critiquing the pictures, and making sure it follows the AP Style Guide.


7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Soldier who is convinced he is Special, smarter than anyone else, better, by virtue of his political beliefs or education or alleged writing talent [skipped].He feels unappreciated for his obvious genius, and engages in attention-seeking behaviors to compensate.

Rewind the clock to December-March 1968, change the branch of service to the Navy, and the Lat/Longs to SE Asia, and this same guy is actually John Kerry. Both write bad fiction with a leftward political bias and little regard for the actual facts. Maybe he has a future candidacy for the Presidency in the offing.

6:29 PM  

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