23 August 2007

Mike Yon is going to al-Anbar. That rocks.

The Mudville Gazette has an interesting rebuttal of an opinion piece sent to the NYT by a group of my fellow NCOs, although with the input of a SPC or two. Again, this does not entirely line up with ground reality in Tal Afar, or al-Anbar. Baghdad is Baghdad, and my experience with Baghdad was driving through it once. I reserve judgement.

I'm amused by the growing numbers of folks going off-script within the Democratic Party. One wonders whether they are going to apologize to Liebermann for kicking him to the curb when he said the same thing.

But never fear, dear leftists, you still have Ms. Boyda.

Having a fascinating discussion with my runner here on Staff Duty. Rather like many of the young Soldiers I am meeting, he's the son of a Soldier--his father was even WIA in Iraq back in the beginning of the war. I'm constantly amazed by the kids we get these days. I joined when life was pretty easy in the Army. These kids joined for a war.

You know, for all the crap my Joes put me through (and Lord knows I've got some Special Children) I'm really in love with this job and the greatest privilege associated with Soldiering is the honor of leading these kids.


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