03 November 2007

Israel Is.

Israel is.

This is not a shock to anyone who hasn't been in a coma for at least 60 years, but I find myself having to repeat it over and over again to Sterling Examples of the American Left.

Israel is.

It has a population of approximately 7,150,000. Of those, practically all able-bodied citizens are armed.

Approximately 168,000 of those are serving on active duty at any given time. They have 4,000 tanks and 1,600 artillery pieces. They have over 400 combat aircraft. They are believed to have between 200 and 400 nuclear weapons, which is enough to destroy every major population center in the Arab world and have a few left over.

They aren't going anywhere.

They aren't going to die off, mysteriously disappear, or conveniently decide en masse to move to New York City to vote Democratic.

They damn sure aren't going to roll over and let the Syrians slaughter them down to babes in arms like the Palestinians wet-dream about.

Get the fuck over it.

Every time I see someone agitating against Israel, I ask myself what they think they could theoretically accomplish.

The Israelis are a fact of life, and like all inconvenient facts the Muslim world and their supports in the American Left are going to have to get used to them.

Or not. It is entirely possible that someone will put themselves into a position to make Israel not be. If that happens, expect a Jewish finger on a button to turn Syria and Iran and lots of other crappy places inhabited by crappy people with crappy ambitions into radioactive wasteland. Being Jewish, they'll feel guilty later. They might write poetry about it. No Arab or Persian will be left to read it.

So when I see someone going on about the poor dispossessed Palestinians and the evil Jews and how terrible it is that they were "forced" off "their" land (actually the Jews bought the land, and the Palestinians didn't have to leave, they chose to leave) I am forced to one of two conclusions.

They are ignorant of basic facts about the Middle East. In which case they should not bother participating in adult conversation about the Middle East.

Or they are informed of these facts, but refuse to believe them. There is a word for people who cannot accept the reality of provable facts, but people whine every time I suggest that the American Left contains a large number of people whose worldviews are indistinguishable from mental disorders.

Israel is. It will not cease to be. You cannot change that it is without killing 7.1 million people. Those 7.1 million people would be very, very difficult to kill without nuclear weapons, and no one crazy enough to want to kill those 7.1 million people has a working nuclear bomb. If that changes, look back up four paragraphs for my opinion of the most likely course of action.

This post brought to you by AntiSemeticStupidsRUs.


Blogger Tim Covington said...

I have another piece of news for the antisemitic a$$holes. Israel is not just made up of Jews. The are also Christian and Muslim Israelis who are loyal to Israel.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Pope John Paul II referred to the Jews as the 'elder brother' of Christianity. I like that description. I long ago came to the determination that I will stand or fall with my elder brothers.

If they nuke Tel Aviv, they need to nuke Dallas too, because elsewise me and a few million Christians will be hunting them down and sending them to Hell.

2:17 AM  

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