04 July 2007

Independence Day

There's a lot of Independence Day stuff floating around the internet. The Declaration of Independence is on several blogs that I read semi-regularly. There's more than a few tributes to US GIs and our families who keep that 4th of July possible, too. There are a couple riffs on the signers, some debunked and some better researched.

Meanwhile, half a world away, Soldiers are celebrating with fireworks of the less decorative and more dangerous type. Never mind that the enemy's fireworks are, essentially, a tactic of last resort and are incapable of creating decisive results in a strategic, operational, or even tactical sense. It still sucks to be sitting on one when it goes 'boom'.

Of course, that level of suck is pretty much the only thing being paraded across your screens these days. Unless, of course, you can find a story on alleged murders committed by American troops.

I find it interesting that Abu Gharib got literally thousands of new stories non-stop for months, and still manages to get mentioned in stories on Iraq. The alleged "massacre" in Haditha--which "massacre" doesn't have enough evidence to convict anyone yet and does not seem likely to ever have enough--has been a mainstay of media coverage as well. Yet when our enemy engages in documentable massacres, what is the MSM's reaction?

Deafening silence.

Kinda makes you wonder what side they are on. And make no mistake, there are no neutrals in this war, any more than the Swiss were truly neutral as they stored gold fillings yanked from Jewish corpses for the leadership of the Nazi Party.

But I digress. Or do I?

Thank God for men who are totally aware of what side they are on, and don't pussy-foot around.

Anyway, I've taken enough of your time. I'm stuck on Staff Duty (my $.02 contribution to the festivities) and may blog more. But please, in the name of sanity, get out of your house, set off some fireworks, drink some beer, hang out with your friends, family, or simply those who will tolerate you, and celebrate. Party like you mean it.


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