14 June 2007

Fourteen June, 1775

232 years of kicking ass.

And counting.

Happy Birthday us!

Buy a Soldier a beer somewhere--and not me, I'm driving to Dallas tonight.

For those who are in locations where beer is verboten, try the Army's Beverage of Choice When We Are Sober.

Check out our history.

Read about our birth.

Learn about our heros.

And do something you couldn't do if you lived in a crappy third world dictatorship without the protection of the United States Army. Write your Congressman. Worship the way you choose (or choose not to, if that's your preference). Something.


Blogger Katana said...

I think i'm gonna walk around without a male relative escorting me, and not get stoned/raped/maimed... and drink $7.00 wine... Yeah, that's a good way to celebrate.

2:26 AM  
Blogger Consul-At-Arms said...

The beverage of choice, when sober, is still beer.

Now, the beverage of choice when we want to stay sober. . . .

9:17 AM  

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