22 May 2007


On the subject of folks on the Left who have their priorities twisted, the Weekly Standard lights up the feminist crowd. I don't entirely agree with all of this article, but certainly some folks have their heads pretty far up their butts. While the United States and the West in general isn't perfect, compared to the Middle East, this is pretty much paradise. There is room for improvement, and I consider it worthwhile to work to further advance women's rights in the US--which the Weekly Standard article seems to poo-poo. But when it comes to the Middle East, women are murdered for doing things that the most benighted backwoods folks in the US take pretty much for granted. The NOW's Peace Petition would be the greatest step backwards for women's rights in the Middle East since the Taliban tooks over Afghanistan after the Cold War. When did it become 'progressive' to support medieval-minded theocratic facists?

A slogan I've heard uttered by folks who want to decry the war and pretend to a level of patriotism is that 'Dissent is the highest form of patriotism' typically attributed to Mr. Jefferson. This does turn out to be an Urban Myth. This myth is specifically repudiated by the Jefferson Library.

A rather moving tribute to some of the real heroes of this war apparently occurs at the Pentagon weekly.

Winds of Change takes the Dems to task for their stupid "we just want to take care of the troops" moralizing attached to their withdrawal bullshit. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. We know the score better than fat-cat politicians, and we are all volunteers. My kids are nervous in the service (those who haven't been deployed) but they are ready and eager. Both my 'seasoned specialists' have been there twice and re-enlisted for this.

This is merely a charming story, but it speaks volumes about the character of General Petraeus.

The Immigration Bill:

I love the internet. Specifically, I love that you could have the entire draft bill up within a few days of it being released to the press. With introduction. Hehe. No Mainstream Media would do this.

There's a pair of rants I've run across. One take both parties to task for the way their fringes grab most of the attention and way more power than they deserve based on numbers alone. The other pretty much focuses on the wing of the Republican Party which is screaming about the immigration bill, sight unseen.


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