14 May 2007

Three Little Stories you haven't heard on the MSM

1) Diyala is forming a Salvation Front similar to the tribal alliance that is securing al-Anbar Province.

2) Zimbabwe has been appointed to head the UN committee on sustainable development even though Zimbabwe doesn't have much of an economy, and just finished destroying the only healthy sector of their economy by confiscating land from all successful (white) farmers and handing it out to folks that don't actually know how to farm. Incidentally, Zimbabwe can't pay their electrical bills and have nearly 3 million refugees living in South Africa. It's also half a step away from holding a civil war, near as I can tell. And folks wonder why those of us on the Right, who see reality for what it is, just can't take the UN seriously.

3) While referring to some black females as 'nappy headed hos' can get a radio jock fired and grab headlines for a week, jokes about raping another black female will get no notice what so ever in the national media. What's the difference.

The black female is a conservative Republican and the folks making the jokes are liberals.

That's all for now, folks.


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