23 April 2007

Linkage Post, VT, PRC, and otherwise.

So, I'm on a buddy's internet connection and I really don't have time to post a massive screed. The last one was done over about three days on the laptop and cut and pasted on. :)

Here's a couple highlights:

Folks who have stuff I missed re: VT Shootings.

TCS Daily debunks the pernicious and stupid nonsense about America's Gun Culture causing violence. It's palpable bullshit. Violent people cause violence. Outlaw guns, and only gang members, yakuza, and other lowlifes will have guns. Or, like the Scots and the other serfs in the 'booze and blades' culture of the United Kingdom, resolve interpersonal conflicts with knives.

The American Thinker asks us to ponder whether the culture of academia contributed to Cho's shooting. I don't know whether Cho was screwed up in the head before he got there. Apparently he was deeply disconnected from God, others, and even himself, the quintessential
example of what the Fathers speak of when they write of a man taken prisoner by his own Passions and sin. But I can't imagine that the situation was improved by teachers steeped in Marxist theory or by Lisa Norris's drivel. I love how liberals preach hatred and then pretend to be surprised when someone carries it out.

For those not following the argument: When communists, post-modernists, and other ideologies spread hatred, that has nothing to do with violence carried out by post-modernist nillhists. On the other hand, Conservatives who use insufficiently inclusive language can thereby be PROVEN, PROVEN I TELL YOU!!!! to support lynching black people and beating homosexuals to death.

Of course, we know who we are supposed to blame: George Bush! Surprised? Don't be. In the pantheon of the American Left, he has replaced Satan as the source of all evil. God alone knows what the hell the Democratic Party and their lunatic fringe is going to obsess about after he leaves office. But here's the explanation.

As usual, VDH cuts to the heart of the matter with no need for my input.

As promised in the post, here's a bit about Taiwan's latest war games and the assumptions made. Personally, I'm not so sure about this thing. I mean, one flipping carrier in the face of the air force of the ROC is not going to do much, just like I don't really believe PRC has enough amphibious lift assests to conduct an assault landing on Taiwan. But YMMV.

I've got somestuff to write about Iraq, but that comes later.


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