28 March 2007

A Little bit of gun education for the Masses.

Here we go. A little education. It's pretty mickey-mouse to me, but given your average Joe Citizen doesn't know diddly-dick about firearms (and your average urban citizen knows less.) it's pretty good for starters. Brought to you via Xavier Thoughts.)


Blogger dracphelan said...

This is something I've tried explaining to people. However, the all of the proposed AWBs are based more on fear than they are on any sort of reality. The same goes with 50 caliber bans. There are even attempts in congress to ban "intermediate" sniper rifles. These are deer rifles with composite stocks. Despite claims to the contrary all gun control organizations appear to have an ultimate goal of eliminating private legal ownership of firearms. Once that is accomplished, they'll move on to such items as kitchen knives and baseball bats.

6:42 PM  
Blogger Zero Ponsdorf said...

Ooohhhh! Those big old bullet clips just give me the vapors.

Nobody needs all those bullets to kill Bambi!

Heh, common sense is lost on the anti-gun folks... I'd had some fun with my AR-7, a couple of times I've gotten it out and announced that it was basically the same caliber as an M-16 and designed by the same guy who designed the M-16, etc. Then I proceed to remove the plastic butt plate and assemble the thing. It's all black and scary, ya know. [shrug]

8:35 PM  

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