26 March 2007

In honor of Colonel Jeff Cooper. . .

Today, I would like to try an experiment. If you care about gun rights, spread this around and let's see if we can get wide adoption.

Hoplophobia is the fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against weapons or weapon owners. It can also mean hatred, hostility, or disapproval of weapon-owning people, weapon-related behavior, or cultures, and is generally used to insinuate bigotry. The term hoplophobic means "prejudiced against weapon-owning people," and a person who is hoplophobic is a hoplophobe.

Internalized hoplophobia (or ego-dystonic hoplophobia) refers to hoplophobia as a prejudice carried by individuals against self-defensive manifestations in themselves and others. It causes severe discomfort with or disapproval of one's own right to self-defense.

Gun Rights supporters could use the terms "hoplophobia" and "hoplophobic" to imply that all opposition to gun owndership and self-defense is irrational. Whether viewed as prejudices or legitimate moral opinions, attitudes frowning on weapon-owning orientations and lifestyles have been reflected in legislation and these attitudes have had a profound impact on political debates over firearms in general. Some look at people holding negative attitudes about gun-owning people and assign blame to them for a creating or perpetuating a climate of prejudice that has resulted in violence and legal sanctions against gun-owners, by individuals, states or other organizations.

After all, it worked for the GLBT crowd. . .


Blogger Yuri said...

You would be significantly changing the definition of the original coiner of the word (at least per Wiki):


6:47 PM  
Anonymous The Gray Dog said...

I couldn't find your email or other contact info, so I am using the comment to let you know you are the winner of the "Thinking Blogger Award". Now don't get real excited, because I won it too. It really is just a personal honor bestowed upon you by someone that appreciates what you have chosen to do with your life.


The Gray Dog

4:24 AM  

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