23 March 2007

Two heros in southern Iraq.

Her Majesty just handed out medals to an unusual pair,
the first female to receive a Military Cross, and the first American to receive a Distinguished Flying Cross since World War Two. Seems 19-year old Private Norris basically crawled out of an armored vehicle to treat a casualty and drag him back under cover while half the neighborhood shot at her. One of the things I rather approve of (because it is an attitude that Engineers must cultivate as well) is an indifference to enemy fire when there is a task at hand that is more important. Private Norris did what a medic should do, under extremely difficult conditions and at risk to her own life.

Major William Cheserek is an American Marine officer who is an exchange officer with a British Navy helicopter squadron. Flying a Lynx helicopter, he made repeated low-level passes in an attempt to disperse the crowd that was threatening the British troops on the ground. He did this in the face of heavy small arms fire and at least one near-miss from an RPG. He also coordinated other air support to target insurgents and to 'buzz' the crowd to attempt to disperse the civilians. Upon being informed of the seriousness of the casualty that Private Norris was treating, he landed and evacuated that individual to an aid station.

Compare with the heroic martyrs of the Jihad. How are we losing the PR war with these scum-sucking savages?


Anonymous Birney Summers said...

We just do not see this kind of good news in the main stream media. They do not want us to know that we have a great many heroes fighting the global war on terror.

It is up to us to use our blogs to get the word out.

Thank you for your post.

Birney Summers, Inactive Sargent of Marines

4:10 AM  

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