15 March 2007

The Religion of Peace

Now, the headline says it all.

Mohammed says responsible for 9/11 attacks.

Now, I've been saying that since mid-afternoon on 9/11/01. Although, to be fair, this isn't THE pseudo-Prophet Mohammed (may he burn in hell forever) confessing to a couple thousand counts of murder, but some scruffy sheik who's been in Gitmo since 2002.

Former Sailor arrested for terrorist activities.

Sharp Federal investigators noticed that he changed his name to, and I'm freely translating here, "Son of Holy War".

So, can I change my name to Crusadeson? And keep my security clearance? Frankly, being Muslim is probable cause in and of itself, but deliberately renaming yourself with a nom de guerre reminiscent of those used by terrorists and de facto announcing your intent to kill the infidel where ever he is found? Give me a break. . .

In other news, the families of the USS Cole casualties have received a favorable initial ruling in their case against Sudan.

What's interesting to me is this. Iran is giving the exact same sort of support to terrorists operating in Iraq. That makes for some potentially interesting lawsuits, doesn't it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, can I change my name to Crusadeson? Yeah, but knowing what you think of the Franks, you won't. And not enough people will know what you're referring to if you change it to Tzimiskes.


5:23 PM  

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