13 March 2007

Good stuff.

Because it is loosely political in nature,

And because I'd get moral outrage[tm] if I put it on LJ. Some people don't think this is quite as funny as I do.

Anyway, Ann Coulter has such a lovely reputation that some people disregard her commentary BECAUSE it is her commentary.

Folks, she's an entertainer. She makes a LIVING off having her face in the news. Guess what the fastest way to get your face in the news is? Yeah, bet you all reached the same conclusion I did.

Anyway, when she is good, she is Very Good. It is criminal to be a Republican in many jurisdictions, Palm Beach among them. Then again, Palm Beach apparently lets the mentally retarded vote and gets outraged when their votes get thrown out because they can't operate a voting machine.

But of course, she's a heartless Conservative bitch, and Liberals are all wonderful people.

I wasn't planning to see 300, but if it offends the Iranian Government, I'm considering it.


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