11 March 2007

Gun Rights

I usually don't Gun Blog, because honestly, there IS no controversy about gun rights in my mind.

To mimic the Protestant Fundamentalists, the Constitution said it, I believe it, 'nuff said.

Anyone who argues that the Second Amendment does not say what it very plainly says is either stupid or evil, depending on whether they are arguing from ignorance or belief. Whether or not the Second Amendment SHOULD say what it very plainly says is another topic, but let me point out that I happen to agree with it for a very simple, if archaic, reason.

If you do not have the legal right to arm yourself for self-defense, you are a serf. You are servile. You are unfree or semifree, depending on other rights.

Anyway, until recently, the inhabitants of the District of Columbia were, legally speaking, serfs.

The United States Court of Appeals, in a recent decision reversed this fact. In an argument which appears to have been written by an NRA member, the DC statues prohibiting owning, moving (even within one's home) or keeping assembled a handgun were found unconstitional. The preceeding argument efficiently and with great thoroughness demolishes the arguments used by advocates of reducing the citizens of the United States to serfs. It's nice to see a court arguing that the law means what it says, rather than what some politically motivated asshole wants it to say.


Blogger Noah said...

Would that the 2nd were as widely interpreted as the 1st.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous momwolf said...

At Last - something we totally agree on! Yay!

5:23 AM  

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