14 February 2007

Not in Ramadi

Well, I'm at a lovely dump called 'TQ', or al-Taqqadum (I think that's how we transliterate it) Air Base.

It's not Ramadi. This is a huge plus. I got out of there last night before 2200, on US Army CH-47s. I might leave for Kuwait tonight, or I might not and there is now way of telling before about midnight or so. :)

Anyway, on the 12th we had a wonderful going-away concert by the 1-77th Armor rock band. Lots of fun. And sadly, more than we are getting when we get back to Germany. Apparently USAREUR has cancelled all 'welcome home' festivities because of budgetary difficulties. We will, however, be having the mandatory stupid formation where a bunch of officers congratulate each other and tell each other how great they are while all us scum enlisted stand at parade rest. That doesn't cost the Army much and makes the officers feel almost as good as a fest does.

I notice that al-Sadr has decided Sadr City is leetle too hot for him. Nice. This means that Maliki has likely hung him out to dry. Serious crackdown on Shia militias would be a huge step towards making this place actually governable.

If the media lets us. Meanwhile, Certain People will continue to decry Bush's "confrontational" stance towards Iran. Folks, they are engaging in a proxy war with us, and this just makes it so obvious it can't be obfuscated by even the most head-in-sand peacenik. Sniper rifles and EFP you can try to blather around. This is pretty blatant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you're underestimating the ability of some peaceniks to ignore reality. Or to pretend to, for political purposes.

5:28 PM  
Blogger David M said...

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11:43 PM  

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