11 February 2007


The Ferret, as he often does, hits it on the head. Important. . . Why is Barak Obama's Speech important? Because the Media tells you it is, and the Media is always right. Trust the Media, the Media is your Friend.

Move along, Citizen, nothing to see here. There is no truth the rumor that Obama has been running for President for at least six months, and probably closer to a year. Anyone who spreads such rumors is obviously a pinko commie mutant traitor.

If you've never played Paranoia, the above paragraph is likely not more than mildly amusing. Rest assured the rest of us are giggling maniacally.

Comparing Iraq to another war, but not, shockingly enough, the late Unpleasantness in Southeast Asia.

More interesting takes on Media verbage. Nothing slanted here, Comrade! We speak the Pravda!

My SI containers are sealed. Hooray. I am, more or less, unemployed. Hooray more.

Further, my blogger account is no longer asking me nicely to switch to the New Blogger. If have been forcibly converted to the New Blogger. All hail the new Blogger.

In a bizzaire crypto-fascist (well, not really, but that's such a cool word to work into an otherwise boring blog entry) twist to the New Blogger saga, the process of converting to New Blogger has also translated the Blogger website into German.

German = Nazis = George Bush! This is all George Bush's fault! Impeach George Bush!

I need sleep. And a beer. And my wife. Not necessarily in that order.

My wife freakin' rocks, in case I havn't mentioned it lately. It took me three tries to spell 'rocks' and I almost announced to the world that my wife 'rocs' but I have not seen her play in a high enough level campaign to roc. I have no doubt, that given a character with enough levels, she would roc.


Anonymous auxdarastrix said...

Two bad we can't get away with mining all of Iran's harbors. Or can we? Not that is would cut off access to Iraq, but surely it would dent their trade.

5:15 PM  

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