28 February 2007

Politics n' Stuff

OK, I'm going to mostly focus this blog on the politics 'n stuff, and the other on more personal crap. I'm not interested in the LJDrama[tm] that I seem to run into on LJ.

Cool Map Thingie

Shows the thumbnail sketch of history, though it kinda deletes those empires which ran simultaneously, only showing them at their greatest extent.

Update on the Surge

In case you missed the past few weeks of the War because more important things like an ex-Playboy Bunny's drug OD took up 90% of the air time on the so-called "news"

Update on the Baghdad Security Plan

Again, some info you WON'T see on the evening news.

The "Civil War" may be what the Democratic Party wants you to think of the Iraq War as, but when a bunch of foreigners come into a country and try to blow up the local sheiks, it doesn't look like a civil war to me.

Castle Argghhh! has commentary on the Walter Reed story I referenced. I agree in every particular.


Blogger sophia said...

What a very cool map thingie! Thanks for sharing it.

11:24 AM  

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