19 March 2007

Gathering of Eagles



I'm sure there are more links with video clips, pictures, and the thoughts of those who participated, as well as commentary.

Heck, you can even get the Washington Post story, though it minimizes the counter-protests and picks the most obnoxious photo possible as the icon.

Wow. I really don't have words. I knew this demonstration was in the works, Ponsdorf is a buddy of mine and he kept me informed. Honestly, I figured it would be a couple hundred folks out there protecting the Vietnam Memorial. After some vermin spraypainted the Capitol steps during a "peace" march, that was a reasonable fear. And I would hate to see a giant yellow peace symbol on the Wall.

Instead, almost 30,000 folks turned out to express their support for America, and for the Soldiers fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the little hellholes that don't make the evening news.

I'm just blown away and I don't really have words to express how grateful and how honored I am for this show of support. The vermin have dominated the national discussion of the war for too long.

On a related note, I think I've really found my Message on the War. A very nice lady at church asked me my feelings on the subject, and I found myself really going into depth. I think the argument that resonated best was a bipartisan attack on the folks in Congress who are using the war for political gain. Mostly Democrats, but I didn't phrase it that way. Just reminded her that WWII was 'FDR's War' but once it started, it became America's war and both Democrats and Republicans had to focus on doing what was best for the country, which was to win it. I talked on consequences of withdrawal and a couple other aspects of the war, and at the end she told Jen that I had changed her mind on Iraq.

One down. Lots of Blue to go. . .


Anonymous Supe said...

Thank-you for continuing to serve your country, no matter where you are.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Nanci said...

And you could check out an entry at Maverick News Network. For a report on a late afternoon attempt which was made on The Wall. You'll never read it in the MSM. Including Fox.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous not-secure said...

More pictures at http://jxs2151.blogspot.com/

he blogged live during the event.

H/T to Quicknews

9:42 PM  

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