17 March 2007

Three items of note

First, a clarification on a previous post. On the House "emergency" appropriations bill needed to fund the war in Iraq.

First, there are the obvious absurdities. The spinach funding. The increase in the minimum wage. All the other non-essential riders being tacked on. That's insane, but it is politics as usual.

They also cleverly tucked into the law a provision attempting to mandate surrender in Iraq and a unilateral withdrawal commencing 1 March 2008 and ending no more than 180 days later.

Friggin' wonderful. Excerpts and linkage to full text is here.

The Republic has survived one war wherein the Armed Forces were betrayed and had their efforts deliberately overthrown by treasonous conduct at home, including by members of the political institutions. I wonder what the second war will do?

On the other hand, we can always supinely surrender like Europe. That causes other problems, but liberals would be far happier, as long as police brutality involves brown folks shooting and beating white folks.


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