29 March 2007

Unsurprising? Not Really. . .

John McCain, for all that he's not exactly a person I could actually vote for unless the alternative was, I don't know, Nancy Pelosi or something, gets it right here.

“All of us want to bring our troops home, and to do so as soon as possible. None of us, no matter how we voted on the resolution authorizing this war, believes the situation that existed until recently is sustainable. But there is a new situation, a new reality in Iraq. This amendment ignores that reality and ignores the consequences that would flow from its adoption. When Congress authorized this war, we committed America to a mission that entails the greatest sacrifice a country can make, one that falls disproportionately on those Americans who love their country so much that they volunteer to risk their lives to accomplish that mission. And when we authorized this war, we accepted the responsibility to make sure they could prevail. When we voted to send them into battle we asked them to use every ounce of their courage and fortitude on behalf of us.

“This body unanimously confirmed General Petraeus. Why would we now deprive him of the opportunity to pursue the strategy he helped design and believes can work? Why would we hand our enemies a victory when we have finally taken the initiative and they are on the defensive? Let us give him and the soldiers he has the honor to command, Americans who are risking everything so that this new plan can succeed, the time necessary to achieve its objectives.

“And let us, elected officials who have the honor of overseeing the conduct of our soldiers’ mission in Iraq, exercise a lesser magnitude of courage – our political courage on behalf of them and the country they serve. If any Senator believes that our troops’ sacrifice is truly in vain, the dictates of conscience demand that he or she act to prevent it. Those who would cut off all funding for this war, though I disagree deeply with their position, and dread its consequences, have the courage of their convictions, and I respect them for it.

“If, on the other hand, you believe, as I do, that an increase of U.S. troops in Iraq, carrying out a counterinsurgency mission, provides the best chance for success in Iraq, then you should give your support to this new strategy. It may not be popular nor politically expedient, but we are always at our best when we put aside the small politics of the day in the interest of our nation and the values upon which they rest.

“Those are the only responsible, the only honorable choices before us. There are no others, Mr. President. I wish there were. But here we are, confronting a political, military and moral dilemma of immense importance, with the country’s most vital security interests and the lives of the best Americans among us at stake. May God grant us the wisdom and humility to make this difficult judgment in our country’s best interests only, and the courage to accept our responsibility for the consequences that will ensue."

This is just too much common sense to require excessive discussion on my part.

I'm disappearing off the net for a couple days. Have fun, remember my comments are moderated. They'll show up early next week when I actually think about the internet again. :)

Gray Dog, haven't forgotten your award/challenge. I'll get to it when I return. Having some thoughts about it. Fortunately, one of my 'thinkers' has returned to his personal blog. :)


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