11 May 2007

People Without A Clue

Well, it's sad. My post on people with a clue (immediately preceding this post) was about a Country Music singer.

Country musicians are, well, entertainers. They might have a clue, or not, and it really doesn't matter, so long as they are entertaining.

But when a man is attempting to achieve the pinnacle of power that a single individual can wield in today's age, the office of the President of the United States of America, I as a voter feel entitled to demand that the man have a small clue.

Not a big one. Lord knows we've had mentally mediocre Presidents before. But this pathetic example. . .

John Edwards got confronted by a nutjob asking about World Trade Center 7.

For those of you unfamiliar with World Trade Center 7, it is shorthand in conspiracy theory circles for the theory that the United States Government or nefarious individuals therein planted controlled demolition charges because they were aware of the 9/11 hijacker's plans and wanted to ensure maximum damage to mobilize the American people behind their pre-planned invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ace of Spades and Hot Air both castigate Edwards, and deservedly so. Faced with a nutjob who accuses the United States Government of deliberately murdering 3,000 people, he doesn't tell the guy to get a life. He doesn't roll out some basic Logic 101. He doesn't look the loon in the face and tell him that believing in a conspiracy theory is evidence of mental instability, insecurity, and a small penis.

He panders. He is polite. He is deferential. He makes sure moon-bat boy leaves his contact info.

Now, I don't think (please, dear God!) that John Edwards is stupid enough to believe this line of drivel. But the reality is that his electoral base, the people he HAS to have voting for him to win in the primaries, are frootloops. They are lunatics. They are mentally disturbed people who are so disconnected to reality that they practically give him a standing ovation.

These are the people that the Democratic Party depends on.

Notice a pattern in Edward's statements to the press? He told the Associated Press that he went to work for a "hedge fund" in order to, and I quote here, “mainly in order to learn about the relationships between financial markets and poverty.”

This was such an egregiously stupid lie that even the reporter called him on it. No matter--the answer was not aimed at the reporter. The answer was aimed at the Democratic Party faithful who have excused the flagrantly consumerist lifestyles of their fantastically wealthy leadership for decades, all the while lapping up their socialist nonsense about the evils of wealth and capital and the importance of the environment.

These are people who do not live in what the rest of us refer to as "Reality Land".


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