11 May 2007

Someone with a Clue

This blog is mostly about serious stuff, politics and warfare and whatnot. But even in this "serious" incarnation, I'm not immune to the urge to discuss the lighter side of life.

Or is it lighter?

Country Music fans know who Darryl Worley is. He's really well known for his hit single Have you Forgotten, which Jen dislikes but I love. Since his first USO tour in 2002, a significant majority of his songs have either featured or mentioned the Armed Forces, especially those overseas. It might be the theme of the song, or we might get a mention as in Awful Beautiful Life. He even did one about the Civil War.

I heard this one on the radio the other night.

If you understand, you understand. Anyone who doesn't, can't. It is truly rare, and a mark of high artistic ability, that anyone not a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine can put it into words and images that begin to convey some of the sense for those who were never There, where ever There is for your generation.


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