18 May 2007

The Lighter Side of Life

The Northern Muckracker has the latest thing that makes me snicker.

"Those meanie viewers won't watch our token female!"

Maybe if CBS hired one of the many QUALIFIED female news anchors who are doing a perfectly good job at local affiliates, folks would watch them.

Maybe if CBS did something radical, like actually engage in journalism, folks would watch them again.

Right now, all the networks are pissing in the wind of the modern information age, and I for one hope that they all go broke.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, your blog sub-title should be "lonely castra etc" .

You know, "castrum" is the singular and "castra" is the plural latin word for a military barrack or camp.

Castrum = one barrack or tent
Castra = several barracks or tents

It was mostly used in the plural "castra" meaning the whole camp with all the tents, buildings inside and fortifications around it.

See here:

Castrorum is the genitive case, it means something like "of the barracks".
For example "De Munitionibus Castrorum" means something like "about preparations of the barracks".


5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost right.

You can choose:
"A lonely castrum"
(a single lonely tent/barrack)
"Lonely castra"
(several lonely tents/barracks)

On a side note, maybe you already know it, it seems many english cities with the word "chester" in their name took it from the latin "castra", probably because they were built around some roman fort.


6:47 PM  

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