21 May 2007

Immigration Bill

I'm divided on the subject of immigration.

Let me rephrase that. I'm not divided on the subject of legal immigration.

I'm not a big fan of illegal immigration.

I do have beef with the folks who want to round up between 12 and 20 million people, and deport them all. First, I don't think it is practical. It might be ideologically sound, and it might give you a warm and fuzzy to advocate it, but I just don't think it is possible.

As for the new immigration bill?

I think Cheat Seeking Missile sums it up pretty well. The bill is still being written. It will attempt to be all things to please all people. It will be ugly. It is more text than the Holy Bible, and probably more poorly written.

Captain's Quarters, based on some objections to the bill coming out of the Right already, addresses what he sees as the good points. Domestic politics is the art of the possible, and this bill is at least an improvement over the status quo. The perfect bill will never be written, much less passed. This is at least a lesser weevil. The Anchoress makes very similar points, while Big Lizards elaborates on Cap'n Ed's points.

Big Lizards also has the best summary of the bill I've yet seen on the internet.

As for myself?

Some things I have believed for a long time are included in this bill. 18,000 additional border patrol agents is a huge bump, and probably will take years to implement without diluting the quality of BP agents significantly. Reforming legal immigration to take into account an immigrant's English language skills and value to the economy at a higher priority than distant familial relations is another long-overdue change. The difficulty and length of the process given for regularization of the status of illegals is not merely "amnesty" which would have been Bad.

I guess it is probably the best bill politically possible and able to be put into practice.


Anonymous Yuri said...

I think the bill has the skills family thing way out of balance. Up to 47 points can be given for English and skills while 10 can be given for family.

That seems way, way out of whack.

4:24 PM  

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