19 June 2007

Things You Ought To Read

1) On the subject of Salman Rushdie, who was knighted by the Brits.

Eteraz basically is of the opinion that by obsessing over him, the Muslim world is giving him power he should not have. I agree--but note that rationality is not and never has been a big part of the Muslim worldview.

2) On fathers, fatherhood, and the role of the older male in society vis a vis the younger male,

Grim has some useful things to say.

So does Dad29.

3) On Iraq, CENTCOM's press releases are fascinating reads. I love how folks try to tell me they don't see any progress in Iraq, but can't be bothered to check the information for themselves, preferring to rely on the pre-digested and heavily anti-US crap spewed by the MSM.


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