18 June 2007

On Palestine, Trent Lott.

On Palestine:


The Belmont Club.

My opinion:

The Palestinians are savages. They are incapable of self-government because their entire culture is diseased. If the Palestinians ever achieve anything of value, it will be because the terrorist organizations that the Arab dictatorships set up and the World accepted as their "spokesmen" and "leaders" are finally crushed. Personally, I hope that the Palestinians continue to burn, blow up, shoot, and hurl each other off buildings until there is nothing left.

The savages wanted a country of their own, let them do with it as they will, and the only thing the world should care about doing is blowing the crap out of any weapons they have capable of targeting Israeli civilians.

Israel was universally berated as "genocidal" and "racist" and "Imperialist" for occupying the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Among the more "progressive" crowd, the reality shone through--that for many in the West, the mere existence of a Jewish nation was so offensive that the only acceptable course for the Jews would have been to meekly submit to another Holocaust at Arab hands.

If this is what Palestinian self-government looks like, I say let the Israelis keep whatever part of the West Bank they want through whatever means they desire, and throw a fence around the rest so that the Palestinian people, in accordance with their apparent wishes, can degenerate into Stone Age savages beating each other with the femurs of their own dead.

On Trent Lott.

I wonder what his "solution" to the "problem" of Free Speech is? Frankly, I can't think of a good one myself. I find it hysterical that the Left strongly supports "First Amendment rights" when
it is a liberal mainstream media releasing classified intelligence information or time-sensitive military information that could lead to Americans getting killed, but when Rush Limbaugh makes some jokes about Hillary Clinton, that is beyond the line and he should be silenced.

On Iraq:

America's North Shore Journal has some of the briefing slides from General Odierno's briefing of 31 May. Note the disparity in casualties between our side and theirs. Note the results listed. These are confirmed, stepped-on bad guys who have gone to the Great IED Cell In The Pit.

Meanwhile in Ramadi, the 6th Marines have a unit blog. This is pretty cool. Note the links to Acute Politics, which is a fella in the unit who is kinda of vague on which unit he's in, unlike Badger Six--though Badger Six is not linked to from the 6th Marines. :)


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