16 August 2006

Much ado about nothing.

I'm not going to rant. It doesn't do any good, and there is a (remote) possibility that someone is reading this blog.

I will say a couple things:

1)I expect drama in a certain section of this company which has a lot of females wearing uniforms. They lack the professionalism to call them female Soldiers. I do not expect it out of people who are old enough and senior enough not to be emo little drama queens.

2) If a weapon has not been serviced in years and does not work, please do not do the easy thing and tell your Soldier he needs to clean it. A clean broken weapon is still a broken weapon. Try going through your friendly neighborhood armorer. I can find four deadlines in five minutes. The fifth deadline I went and got a second opinion on. Cussing out a young Soldier will not fix bent or crushed springs or a bent operating rod.

Other than that, I've had a lot of 'nothing much' going on.


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