13 August 2006


Hugh Hewitt is imagining victory.

"SO HOW WILL THE WAR END? With lots of dead Jihadists. Just like World War II ended with lots of dead Nazis and imperialist troops of Japan. There were so many dead, the rest lost their will to fight on. Only when they realize their destruction is imminent (and accomplished to a great degree) will there be peace."

Sadly enough, that doesn't really bother me.

Some Soldier's Mom has some thoughts on the problem with identifying the enemy, to wit that it ain't easy to sort out the 'good Muslims' from the 'bad ones' because they don't have the decency to coalesce geographically, form easily identified chains of command, or wear uniforms. So a lot of people do the easy thing and pretend they don't exist.

Fascism is one of the fun fuzzy terms that people like to throw around. George Bush wants to wiretap terrorists, so he's a "fascist" but Osama bin Laden wants to blow up innocent civillians, so calling him a fascist is proof that I don't really understand his unique and valuable cultural heritage, blahblahblah. Washington Times Editorial page weighs in on the subject.

Haaretz has an editorial on Lebanon and what it means for US/Israeli relationship.

A British Politician has some trenchant commentary on the stupidity of the terrorism apologists in the "moderate" Muslim community, who issue perfunctory denunciations of terrorism in bland statements carrying enough caveats to let the world know that deep down inside, they don't disapprove of terrorism but they realize that saying that outright would cause problems.

What does this all mean? Personally, this is possibly the scariest opinion piece I've read in a while. It is entirely possible that the Middle East may Go Away if we don't succeed in Iraq, because the American People will be convinced that there is no way to deal successfully with Islam. If we fail to transform the Middle East, we retain enough power to destroy it utterly, with minimal threat to ourselves and few if any losses. How many terror plots would have to be broken before the American people demanded a final solution to the question of how Islam will live side-by-side with the rest of the world?

But let's end with some humor anyway.


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