07 August 2006


Most of these links speak for themselves. I'm tired of trying to come up with deathless prose to discuss Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Islam in general.

Those who understand what the situation is, do need my words to deal with it.

Those who are willfully blinded by their hatred of the United States, or Israel, or Western civilization in general, will not understand even should I have a 'muse of fire'.

On the Media's handling of Lebanon.

Jerusalem Post

Little Green Footfalls
On what's really going on Lebanon

Belmont Club

On Iraq, the real story:

Base Tranfers

This next story points out something that most folks don't know. A Training and Doctrine command is an essential part of creating a real military, not just a stopgap of guys with rifles.


This one I like because of the appearance of the fort in the accompanying photo.

Border Forts

As for what's happening in Ramadi, we've been having an interesting time. The big guns are firing almost every night, the SIGACTs (SIGnificant ACTions) briefs are thick, and we've lost a SEAL, a Marine, and 3 Soldiers in the past week. I'm not writing much about it because I'm not involved (stuck on the damn FOB). I will say that one of our major projects has been building up positions (COPs--Combat OutPosts) in the city both for American forces and for the IA/IPs. We've had a platoon dedicated to running a yard for Texas barriers alone. Lots of building.


Anonymous Montieth said...

Regarding those forts. Wouldn't something more like a star fortress with thicker and pointed walls be better? I thought round turrets went out with the advent of the cannon...?

6:10 PM  
Blogger Tim Covington said...

When I saw the faked photo, I could tell right away that it was photshopped. Smoke does not appear that way. The photo was also to repetitive to be unaltered.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Just A Decurion said...


What's the threat? Direct-fire artillery is not the threat. The size of the forts and their garrisons show it. The threat is small groups of insurgents and/or smugglers. They will be armed with AKs, RPGs, and possibly a handful of mortars. This style of fort is effective against that threat, and cannot be overrun easily.

It will not stop the Syrian Army, but then again any series of platoon strongpoints (20-40 man garrison) outside of mutual support distance is going to disappear if a conventional army moves against it.

12:33 PM  

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