08 February 2008

Primary, Republican

OK, now I'm really tired of politics.

Most of my votes in the primary for offices other than the US Prez are going to be meaningless, because the incumbents are running unopposed. The exception is the US Senate race, between

John Cornyn,


Larry Kilgore.

Presuming that Mr. Kilgore's alleged website is not a spoof, I will vote for Sen. Cornyn on the grounds that I'm fairly sure he could pass a psychological evaluation, whereas Mr. Kilgore probably couldn't.


Blogger Chris said...

I originally thought of Cornyn as a stuffed-shirt, fill-in-the blank political prostitute. But he has some essays, position papers and editorials to show him as a true conservative and a man with a brain.

You can read some of his stuff over at www.nationalreview.com. I would seriously consider him for a future office higher than Senator.

12:17 AM  

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