31 December 2007

Humor, Politics, War, and Religion

Yeah, that pretty much is the spectrum of the topics I cover. My Other Blog has the relationship advice (I'll fix your relationship by pissing you both off with perfect, blunt honesty, so that you're united in hatred for me. It's a better basis for a relationship than a lot have these days)
and my personal life. See?

So, let's cover humor.

Doctrine for Dummies. As written by a "friend" of Jon Donovan. If that's a little wordy, try Uncle Jimbo's video presentation.

If it wasn't funny, you haven't been in the military long enough. While not funny, this post on U-2 Carrier Operations isn't terribly political nor religious. So I'll put the link here.

OK, there's humor. On to serious stuff.

Politics, Domestic. The more I read Fred, the more I like Fred. Fred doesn't like the MSM. I hate the MSM. Fred busts the MSM lying about him and misquoting him. I link to folks who bust the media lying.

Politics, Foreign. The French have told Syria to take a flying leap. As Tigerhawk observes, a major mantra of the Left on foreign policy has been that the United States should follow the lead of Europe. Another major mantra of the Left is that we should always solves problems with other nations by attempting to talk them to death, unless you can portray the regime as 'fascist'
in which case it's all about the embargoes. Anyway, you can't do both anymore, because the French have decided they are done screwing with the Syrians. I wait with bated breath to see what the Transnational crowd says now.

Politics, Foreign Part II. The latest set of statistical revisions shows China is sucking harder than anyone thought. More exactly, their economy is something like 60% of the size that people thought it was. Now, a lot of doom-n-gloom forecasts predicated the Chinese economy taking over the world (well, they were mostly more nuanced than that, but this is the not-for-economists-version) and crushing the United States under the weight of the ginormous modernized military that this amazing wonder-economy was supposed to be buying. For those of you who remember the 1980s, this is the same form of economic doom prophecies that predicted the Japanese would take over the world in the 1990s, before we found out that a lot of Japanese fortunes were paper-only and created by dishonest accounting practices and inflated property values. Funny how that keeps happening. Capitalism is ugly, but it beats the modified forms these Asian countries keep trying.

Politics, Foreign, and Religion. Because Islam is a political ideology which masquerades as a religion. Algerians MPs are trying to shut down proselytizing in Algeria. Gates of Vienna has an interesting post on it. Even more interesting is the commenter who points out that reciprocity--treating Islam in the West as Christianity is treated in most of the Islamic world--would basically work out to treating Islam as a subversive political party. I've been saying that for years, you know.

Politics, Foreign, and War. It is telling that the British media will do what the US media won't.

War. A Soldier's Christmas. Christmas means the most to those of us who don't have what a civilian takes for granted. To wit, the luxury to take the day off work, take some vacation, and spend the holiday with the family. In recognition of that, I assembled a couple posts who say it better than I can. I can't really do justice.

Foreign and Domestic, Iraq last year and home this year.
Katana, whose husband is deployed, has two.
General Petraeus.
Frontline Fobbit, deployed.
Badger 6, deployed for his second year straight.

On an upnote, I do know what I want for my birthday. I already have a nice tomahawk from a breaching kit that wasn't on the Property Book. . .


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