01 December 2007

Victory, definitions of

Hollywood vs. Pro-military journalism, a comparison. Without comment, he says it all just fine.

Now, one silly comment that liberals make regarding Iraq is that what we are doing in Iraq isn't going to result in "victory", and that the definition of victory keeps changing. The problem with that is that the liberals in question rarely will give their definition of victory and what should be done to achieve it. When they do get pinned down, they offer stupidity like this,

"MATTHEWS: Because if we can‘t ever come home, we can‘t ever say we won."

That's Chris Matthews of Hardball.

This is the typical level of understanding in the MSM of foreign policy.

I prefer a definition of victory roughly equivalent to 'forcing the enemy to do our will.' Or something along those lines.

I'm watching the CNN/Youtube Republican debate in pieces. I'll offer commentary when I'm done with the whole thing.


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