06 October 2006

Mossbergs, Children, and the Israeli Embassy

Got a range this morning, and it's an excuse to take out the shotguns and play with them a little.

We've got a number of Mossberg 500 12 ga shotguns, and OO rounds for them in limited numbers. Given that I am considering purchasing a shotgun when I get back to the States, I'm certaintly interested in seeing how they shoot.

Today's quote:

"When you are not married, you have rights and obligations. When you get married, you have fewer rights and more obligations. When you have children, you have no rights, but only obligations."-- Elder Epiphanos of Athens (1989+)

Hehe. . . I still want kids anyway.

The Metropolitan Police have made the decision that cops only have to do their job if they feel like it, and that Jews are no longer entitled to equal protection under the law. This has upset some folks.

PC Nadeem Malik, an executive committee member of the Association of Muslim Police, said: "There are around 300 Muslim staff working in the Met and a number of Muslim police working in the diplomatic protection group who do not have problem covering the Israeli Embassy.
"These officers are Londoners, and Met police officers first and foremost."

Ex-Met Flying Squad commander John O'Connor, said: "This is the beginning of the end for British policing.
"If they can allow this, surely they'll have to accept a Jewish officer not wanting to work at an Islamic national embassy? Will Catholic cops be let off working at Protestant churches? Where will it end? This decision is going to allow officers to act in a discriminating and racist way.
"When you join the police, you do so to provide a service to the public. If you cannot perform those duties, you leave.
"The Metropolitan Police are setting a precedent they will come to bitterly regret. Top brass granted his wish as they were probably frightened of being accused of racism. But what they've done is an insult to the Jewish community."

The case is currently under review.

Thomas Barnett has an interesting view of the causes and nature of the Long War, worth reading. I might disagree in detail, but overall his premise is sound.

In need of Moral Guidance, but not interested in Christianity or oppressive Western Culture? Ask Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khameini!! He has a website. (NB Link is to an article about the website, not the website itself. Shia radical assholes get no linkage from me)

My Grandmother is in the hospital. I'm not going to blog about it (other than to ask for prayer) because, well, I don't have her permission. I am going to share Lawdog's experiences and point out that my Grandmother is much the same way.


Anonymous sappersmom said...

No, if your grandmother is given orders, she does follow them. She just figures out how to do her own cooking and cleaning FROM the wheelchair!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Noah D said...

I've been pleased with my Mossberg 500 - never had any sort of problems with it, put a few hundred rounds through it so far. The standard (plastic) furniture is okay; I'd like to replace the foregrip with something that has more...stickiness. I've considered the front-back pistol grips and a top-folder stock, but I'm not sure how much good they'd do me. Flashlight will probably come first.

Thinking about it now, though, I would have spent more money and gotten one of the 'marine' versions, or gone with a Rem 870 - there's some versatility advantages there. The Mossberg's magazine cap won't take any accessories, where the Rem's will. There are plenty of workarounds, so it's a minor issue.

Prayers for your Grandmother, check.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous montieth said...

I very much like my Mossberg 590. The receiver is drilled/tapped for a scope rail (red dot for putting slugs "there") it has a heat shield to keep you from burning your hand on long practice sessions and has a bayonet mount. Given that you and Jen both know what a bayonet is for, it'd be even more useful than I'd find it. I do have the appropriate bayonet on the belt of spare ammo for a longer engagement or when I have to convince a home invader that he really doesn't want to be there.

There are lots of options for stocks. I have a speedfeed with space for 4 slugs in the stock. Good spare ammo point. Sling swivels for when you need your hands free for some task and you're pretty set for combat shotguns.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous cMAD said...

There are lots of options for stocks.

I completely misunderstood what you meant with this the first time I read it.

After giving it some careful thought, I came to the conclusion that the kind of stock options you mean are by far the safer and less destructive kind. There are things much worse than guns.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous 'MN' said...

Good thoughts for your Grandmother...

On the general issue of... "Why 9/11?" "What do we do now?" "Why don't some 'get it'?"...

I suggest reading...

"Civilization and Its Enemies
The Next Stage of History"
By Lee Harris


I'd be very interested in reading your posted take, on this book.

seek_calm at Yahoo dot com

5:29 PM  
Anonymous 'MN' said...

Thank you for the pointer to
Thomas Barnett's view of the causes and nature of the Long War.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous brybbl said...

Why do jews live in UK again? Esp since there are so many Muslims there? (gasp)

10:14 PM  

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