23 September 2006


Seems like I'm constantly busy the past couple days doing. . .

Not much.

Supervising details, mostly. Booooring.

Also getting NVGs fixed. AN/PVS-7Bs have one hugely annoying quirk. The clip to attach them to the elbow that hooks to the helmet mounting plate is molded plastic, in one piece with the body. So every time some idiot smacks his NVGs on something (if you're 5'10", with a helmet, and your NVGs swung up so they rest OVER your helmet, then please DUCK when you enter a door intended for Iraqis who are 5' 6" on the average), it snaps the clip which means the middle third of the NVGs (the 'wire body') have to be entirely replaced.

And there's this platoon that isn't technically my job to support, but they are having a rough time getting proper support from the company they ARE attached to, and the PSG asked me nicely, and his guys are really cool about it, so I cover down on them. Yeah, they have waaaay more than their share of busted up NVGs because of this problem.

Thankfully, the ELM (not sure what the L is for, but the E is Electronics and M is Maint) section at 501st FSB (Forward Support Battalion) has good bench stock and did 3 pair in an hour, while I waited. Very cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your call this morning. The phone was on vibrate.

I love you and miss you.

1:15 AM  

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