17 September 2006

If this is a religion of "peace", I'm a poached egg.

Palestinian Churches Burn

In Tulkarm, a stone church built 170 years ago was torched before dawn and its entire inside was destroyed, local Christian officials said. In the village of Tubas, a small church was attacked with firebombs and partially burned, Christians said. Neither church is Catholic, the officials said.
On Saturday, Muslims hurled firebombs and opened fire at five churches in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to protest the Pope's comments, sparking concerns of a rift between Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

In Tulkarm, church official Daoud Firoba said Palestinian security had guarded the Greek Orthodox church until midnight, but then left. The entire inside of the sanctuary was burned, including furniture and an ornate wooden door, Firoba said. Books that are 500 years old survived, he said.

"This hurts my heart, this is against my God and my religion," Firoba said. "But I think that those who burned it don't understand that we are Palestinians and we are not related."
The church is used by three Christian families left in Tulkarm, Firoba said.

In the small village of Tubas, Christian resident Michel Sayer said that he smelled smoke at three in the morning.

"I came and saw the church was on fire and immediately we put it out," Sayer said. "We found two firebombs outside that were not thrown in and three inside that had been thrown."
About 100 Christians live in Tubas, Sayer said.

MOGADISHU, Sept 17 (Reuters) - The killing of an Italian Catholic nun in Mogadishu on Sunday may well be linked to anger among Muslims about Pope Benedict's recent remarks on Islam, a senior source among Somalia's Islamists said.

"There is a very high possibility the people who killed her were angered by the Catholic Pope's recent comments against Islam," the source told Reuters.

The source, however, offered no specific evidence to support that motive.

Gunmen shot and killed the nun, who worked at a children's hospital in north Mogadishu, and her bodyguard.

"After serious injuries, she died in the hospital treatment room. ... She was shot three times in the back," Dr Ali Mohamed Hassan, a physician at the hospital, told Reuters.

Notice that this comes AFTER the Pope apologized.

Here's some background from the BBC:

Father Thomas Reese, a Jesuit scholar and an authority on the workings of the Vatican, told the BBC news website of his concerns: "The Pope's worst decision so far has been the exiling of Archbishop Fitzgerald," he said in an interview in April this year.
"He was the smartest guy in the Vatican on relations with Muslims. You don't exile someone like that, you listen to them.
"If the Vatican says something dumb about Muslims, people will die in parts of Africa and churches will be burned in Indonesia, let alone what happens in the Middle East."

Notice what is said.

Notice what isn't said.

Muslims have such an inferiority complex that they cannot tolerate any criticism, be it implied or explicity. Again, their inability to control their violent impulses is the key. Whether you believe they are stupid, or subhuman, or what ever explanation you prefer, it seems to be a given that of course the Muslims are burning buildings and killing nuns. It's practically normal and expected. Now, if a Christian did this, it would arouse condemnation from every Christian leader and a lot of folks who aren't. But for Muslims, they get demonstrations in their support and parlimentary resolutions approving their church-burning.

Everyone gets angry when criticized and they believe the criticism is unfair or untrue. I have not, however, seen a Christian riot which burns down a university student newspaper which has the bad taste to publish a sophmoric attack on Christianity. Nor can I recall the last time I heard of a Muslim religious leader exposed to such vehemence when he expressed the idea that Christians are deluded (which is an opinion he HAS to have, or he'd be one of us, not a Muslim).

Individual Muslims may be perfectly decent people. But the events of the past few years have hammered it home over and over again: Islam as a whole is incompatible with any respect for human rights or human beings who are not Muslim.


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