11 September 2006

Lebanon again?

Lebanon is having some internal political strife, and this time the evil Israelis aren't to blame. Wonder how long before it turns into a no-kidding shooting war? For all the laurels that were heaped on Hizbollah for their not-as-bad-as-expected defeat (which turns into a "victory" in the twisted mentality of the Arab world), they are still seen as the pawns of a foreign power which is illegally occupying Lebanese soil.

Also note the little bits at the bottom where Bashar Assad thinks he can get froggy over the Golan Heights. Interesting.


Anonymous auxdarastrix said...

While going through a certain archive, I found a newspaper article from 1969 about internal conflict between Lebenon's government and Palestinian groups. The "resolution" was that the Palestinians would give up a token amount of arms but that the Lebonese govternment would look the other way on the real stuff. Not much has changed.

I suppose it may be considered a "good thing" that the recent events have given added urgency to the debate in Lebanon about whether they want to kick out the jihadists or whether they want to remain Israel's favorite punching bag. One can only hope for Lebenon's sake that they finally catch on.

Also, Syria, I think, will find an attack on the Golan Heights a very different story than Israel's adventures in Lebenon might imply. To truly secure the Heights would take a conventional attack, and I have confidence that Israel can still plink the Trash-50's family of obsolete tanks with the best of them.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Curmudgeon said...

Well, that pretty much summed up my thoughts also.

Maybe we could get rid of some of the obsolete military equipment we've got lying around, donate -- I mean sell -- it to the IAF -- say, a dozen B-52s at current market for scrap steel.

2:36 AM  

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